Writing Resume


Game Show Network: Worked on pop-up videos for “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Family Feud”. Also helped write promos for the “Let’s Make a Deal Marathon” hosted by Jeffrey Ross.

E! Entertainment Television: Worked on providing scripts for the behind the scenes story of E!

Nickelodeon: Head writer/producer on the Nickelodeon talk show pilot “Talk Talk Talk.” This included opening segments, guest questions and pre-shoots. Writer on the pilot “Miles of Cheese.” Also talent coordinator for the second season of “What Would You Do?”

Absolutely True: Triage Entertainment –  Host/writer of the redux pilot “Absolutely True” with additional bumpers created for the new version of the show.

Spark Factory: Writer for special projects.

Alien Generation #9: Head writer for this sketch/game show pilot. The show consisted of poorly disguised aliens asking human contestants questions in order to learn the necessary information to take over the planet Earth.

SAK Theatre: Performed and wrote in the one person show, “A History of Pop Culture”, performed and wrote the two person show, “Where are the Hands?” which went on tour to these cities, Montreal, Minneapolis, Orlando, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Cowichan.

Features films specs: Sam, For Appearing On and Tricks

Television pilots: Digbyville, Second Chance, The Club and The Manager

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